Jessica Pearse, Poetry Editor
  • Jessica is an editor and style guide specialist with Kaplan Professional Education as well as a freelance editor for clients across the United States. She graduated with a degree in rhetoric and writing from the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse. When she is not editing, she writes poetry, short stories, and recipes for her blog, The Adventures of Jessica Leigh. In her free time, she loves to cook, read, watch an excessive amount of Food Network shows, and go on amazing adventures with her husband, Billy. She currently resides in Minnetonka, Minnesota, as a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan.
  • Literary Interests: Concepts of time, postmodernism, handwritten letters from famous figures, imagery, British literature, narrative poetry, alliteration, descriptive style, stream of consciousness, and themes of individualism, grief, and hope.
  • Favorite Authors: F. Scott Fitzgerald,  Virginia Woolf, William Faulkner
    Alissa Knop,       Fiction Editor
  • Alissa is a layout and ebook specialist with Kaplan Professional Education when she is not reading and writing fiction. She has a journalism and creative writing degree from the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh. She writes novels and short stories and focuses on the not-so-great and not-often-mentioned parts of reality. She also writes articles for the Minnesota United fan blog Epluribus Loonum. In her free time, she enjoys playing and watching sports (Go Packers, Go Blue Devils!), reading and writing, watching movies that make her cry, and hiking in the woods.
  • Literary Interests: Slice of life, thrillers, psychological, crime, murder mysteries, dysfunctional relationships, and themes of loss, grief, revenge, and survival. Oh, and puppies.
  • Favorite Authors: Gillian Flynn and Laura Kasischke